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Artwork Services

Julianne developed a strong interest in painting and drawing from an early age; throughout her career she has evolved her craft through different fine art mediums and styles.  She currently paints with acrylics and acrylic base mediums. With a style that varies from Abstract to realism her subject matter is often in inspired by nature and the natural environment in Barbados. She is likes to explore new painting techniques and has a strong interest in colour, form and shape.


Julianne enjoys creating custom artwork for Studio J Interior Design clients and also individual clients. She is available to work on a commission painting, mural or furniture on request.

Working on a commission piece of art is very similar process of doing an interior design job. A client meeting will be set up in the space the art will be featured in - whether home, office or restaurant - to get a sense of the size, style and surroundings of where the piece will be hung. Clients can provide photos as influences but these will not be copied directly due to the copyright of the original artist or photographer.

A scaled sketch of the artwork and a quotation will be provided for the client’s approval.

For more information about commissioning a piece of original artwork please contact us.